It all started with a pencil and paper. Since his early ages, Aaron’s love for art grew with time and switched from one form to another. From pottery, sculpture, drawing, sketching, and painting, his passion for capturing nature in all its beauty continues to expand.

    At age 18, he was published in his high school’s Flight Magazine, in which “Underwater Adventure” was the chosen to be the cover artwork. In addition, “SEHS Gym: Where Champions are Made” and “Ocean Sunset” were also published.

    It came in great shock to those around him, when Aaron announced that he is not going to pursue art as a career. He stated:

    “I don’t paint for the money, but rather the enjoyment. I paint to paint; for satisfaction and pleasure for myself and others. My artwork is an expression of my love and appreciation for nature and my surroundings. The minute this becomes a business for the sake of making money, it loses all its value and meaning. In essence, I lose a part of myself.”

    Aaron’s talent in art sheds enlightenment for those who have experienced his artwork. His legacy and artwork still shines light at his high school, where he often visits to talk and share his experiences with other students. He graciously donated his “SEHS Gym: Where Champions are Made” to the school, where it currently is being displayed.

    Aaron Costin is true artist from the heart. His ability to capture the intrinsic beauty of nature and display it in on canvas is awe inspiring. His inspiration of his artwork comes from nature and his surroundings. Having traveled to Florida since he was young, he predominantly paints ocean scenery and underwater marine life, but can also paint other forms of nature. His art is only limited to his imagination, and can make anything come to life on canvas.

    In addition to his art work, Aaron is pursuing a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He graduated with a joint B.S./M.S. degree in December 2012. He actively participates in the Real-time Automated Project Information and Decision Systems (RAPIDS) Laboratory, where he researches Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology in construction. His scholastic achievements include the Hope Scholarship, President`s Undergraduate Research Award, Mundy Endowment Fund, Faculty Honors, and Highest Honor Award. Aaron was awarded the National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) fellowship for his research contributions and achievements.